I’m Rockne, but most people call me Rocko. As you might have guessed, I love sports.

I used to be the most casual sports fan ever. Then I got a job covering high school sports in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. It was fantastic. I was hooked. Fromt hat came a stint covering the US Olympic Trials in 2012, followed by most of a season writing and photographing the Oregon Ducks mens’ basketball team as they returned to prominence. During much of this time, I was working as a barista to finance my sportswriting habit.

I’m now a reporter, photographer, and editor for my hometown newspaper. It’s a great job, but there’s not any sports coverage involved. So instead, I’ll be writing here as often as time permits, at least once a week. Don’t expect any breaking news or exclusive interviews, and bear in mind that much of what you read here does come through the filter of TV, as the nearest organized sports team above high school is an hour away.

You’ll occasionally see posts from my friend Greg. He loves sports too, but in a different way. Whereas I love baseball and college hoops, really like the NBA, am sort of ok with the NFL, Greg loves football and pro basketball, likes the NCAA and can’t stand baseball. It works.

Some of our features:

Pick ‘n’ Roll: Kenny Ocker once told me if I ever wrote a prediction column, it should bear this title as a play off my last name. Expect these infrequently, such as for the NFL weekends and playoff games.

The Weekend Wrapup: The five biggest story lines in big-time sports from the weekend, plus my pittance on them.

Roll’s Column: Pretty self-explanatory. Before I was any other kind of writer, I was a columnist. Besides sports photography, it’s what I do best. I’ll endeavor to do it weekly or so.

Welcome to the party, everyone.

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