A Summation of Creation

I’m Rockne. Most people call me Rocko. I love sports.

This was not always so. About a year ago, I didn’t really care about sports. Then I got a job as a “sports reporter,” which really meant sports photographer who wrote a weekly roundup that ran next to my photos and an outdoors column that was way more liked by readers than my work. My adventure in this job is pretty well documented by my former blog, “Accidentally A Sports Reporter,” which still makes for good reading (mostly).

During this time I fell in love with basketball. I did my terminal project for my master’s degree in journalism while I was there, an unforgettable story of a tiny high school and their girls’ basketball team. It’s on my website, and I really hope that, whatever you think of my ramblings here, you’ll take some time to read it; I’m immensely proud of it. I also started reading a lot of sportswriting, particularly the work of Kyle Whelliston and Bill Simmons, and was inspired by it.

Since then, I’ve left school and become a columnist for Rush The Court, a college basketball website. It’s not a full-time job; I’m still looking for one of those in photojournalism. In the meantime, I’ve been watching and following a lot of basketball, both NBA and college. I thought I just loved basketball. I never cared much for football, particularly pro football, but I’ve started to actually pay some attention to the NFL. OK, I thought to myself, this might go deeper than basketball. I finally figured out that I just flat out love sports, all sports, when I was bored a few nights ago and decided, of all things, to watch an ESPN replay of Newcastle United vs. Manchester City. (great game, City won 3-1 after Newcastle controlled early but couldn’t find the net until the second half when it was already too late.)

So here we are. Unlike my previous sports blog, this one has no end date in sight. What exactly will be on here is yet to be determined. In addition to just writing about sports for its own sake, I want to stay in the habit of writing regularly, which should make writing my not-quite weekly RTC columns a bit easier to manage. In addition to my own whatever, I’ll be linking to cool stuff I find elsewhere, and will hopefully be featuring stuff from my sports-inclined and writing-inclined friends.

Every sports junkie has their teams, and I’ll take this opportunity to declare mine now, though I don’t think that my allegiances affect my objectivity too much.

  • First and foremost, I love the Boston Celtics. It’s a family thing: My grandfather was a Celtics fan when the Association first formed and through the Russell years, and my mother supported Boston through the days of Larry Legend.
  • In an odd twist, that same grandfather also supported the New York Yankees. Go figure. I do, too, though with a pang of guilt and a twinge of fury every time A-Rod strikes out. Mariano Rivera, however, is my favorite baseball player.
  • Back to basketball, I have recently converted to being a fan of the Clippers. They’re deep, they’re not selfish, and they mix an electrifying offense with a not-bad defense. They’re fun to watch AND fundamentally sound. I’m hooked.
  • I went to both Oregon and Oregon State, but I’ll say this without any hesitation or trepidation: Go Ducks!
  • I was a Miami Dolphins fan when I was a young because of Dan Marino, but I don’t really have an NFL team these days. I’ll get back to you. I really only started to care about the NFL about five minutes ago.
  • In college basketball, I’ve been a longtime fan of Duke (Mike Krzyzewski) and am currently a fan of Butler (Brad Stevens) and Saint Mary’s (Matthew Dellavadova)
  • I reserve the right to add to this list at any time, but not to subtract from it. I don’t believe in bailing on a team.

So welcome to Rocko On Sports. If you like what you see, please leave a comment. If you don’t like it, please leave a comment. If you don’t care, then there’s not much I can do for you.

2 thoughts on “A Summation of Creation

  1. I prefer not bailing on players to not bailing on teams; I don’t have much reason to watch the Colts anymore but I still cheer for Peyton and I’m happy when the others that got scattered do well.

    Advice for an NFL team to love: go Broncos!

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